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Different grades of Kangen water can be used effectively around the house for cleaning purposes and sanitation, and also in the preparation and cooking of food! As we know pesticides and chemicals used in household cleaners can have harmful effects on our body.

Most of the food that we purchase from the supermarkets have been picked, packed and stored for several days or weeks and handled by many different people before we actually buy it and bring it home. This makes the cleaning of our food once we do get it, imperative!

Unfortunately the traditional methods we use for cleaning our food doesn't strip it of the bacteria and pesticides but often strips it of even more nutrients! To list all the uses for Kangen water we would need a lot of pages, so below is a quick overview.

Healthy Cooking

strong alkaline water - 11.5ph

  • has the ability to emulsify oils and removes pesticides from our fruits and vegetables.  

  • removes oil based stains from clothing

  • removes greasy residue from kitchen worktops and cookers

  • can be used in steam cleaners to wash floors and carpets

  • can be mixed with your favourite essential oil and used as a room spray

  • very effective anti-inflammatory for reducing pain and swelling

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strong acidic water - 2.5ph

  • this is the best disinfectant and sanitiser available

  • So powerful it can kill bacteria and viruses such as E-coli, salmonella, MRSA and anthrax spores

  • strong enough to kill germs but safe enough to sterilise worktops

  • Has been approved by the FDA and the USDA for food handling and preparation 

  • restaurants throughout Japan have been using this water to disinfect and sanitise food, cutting boards kitchens and bathrooms

  • excellent for the treatment of burns (useful in the kitchen!)

  • Can clean coffee and tea stains from cups

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