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Main benefits for sport - Energy levels, Endurance, Recovery, Preventing Injury, Reducing Inflammation, Body Fat Reduction

It is well known among athletic trainers that chronic over-acidity is the underlying cause of pain, inflammation and poor performance. The body draws upon alkaline minerals stored in the bones and tissues to buffer the over-acid state caused by the food.

Most athletes are locked into a dietary pattern that is acid-producing. They do not consume enough alkaline, mineral-rich foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead their diets contain high amounts of acid-forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy, energy bars sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or other unhealthy sugars, and acidic energy or sports drinks. Because of this dietary imbalance, they may be at risk to increased acidosis which affects overall health and sports performance. Since proper hydration is a key factor in preventing exercise fatigue, consuming restructured ionized.

The use of ion-rich alkaline water is proving to increase competitiveness and overall performance in world class athletes. A diet that supports alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists. Consuming ionized, alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving work-out intensity and recovery time. Former Denver Bronco, Bill Romanowski, was introduced to the power of “ionized” water late in his career to maintain his competitive edge.Competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, author and speaker, Wade T. Lightheart, advocates the use of Kangen WaterTM produced from the Enagic Leveluk SD501, and credits it for motivating him to come out of retirement.

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Wade Lightheart, Canadian National Bodybuilding Team Member Three-Time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, International Online Trainer

Shan Stratton, Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL, NY Yankees, AZ Diamondbacks, Houston Rockets, LA Dodgers.

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